Thursday, April 27, 2006

Union College's Alcohol Crackdown

Turns out Union College is in the midst of a crackdown on under-aged drinking.

The Schenectady Daily Gazette ran a story on Monday (three days after the Congressman's visit to Alpha Delt) that in the context of this is too delicious not to cut-and-paste the highlights:

"Alcohol is a big piece of it," said Stephen Leavitt, vice president for student affairs and dean of students at Union College. "There are pockets of problems that persist. We are sending a message that we’re concerned about it."
Leavitt said more is needed. "There are improvements," he said. "It is much better, but it’s nowhere near where it might be. . . . There are aspects of the drinking situation on campus that trouble me. There’s too much drinking going on. The drinking has probably gotten worse in the past few years. There’s more extreme drinking."
"I don’t have anything fundamental against alcohol as such," Leavitt said. "What I’m against is binge drinking, and the boorish behavior that accompanies being drunk, the lack of civility that goes along with being drunk."
"At Union, you’ve got underage drinking all the time," he said. "You’ve got policies you can’t enforce." It would be even harder, he suggested, to enforce a policy completely barring alcohol, and, as a result, students wouldn’t pay much attention.

Sweeney was definitely engaging with under-aged drinkers. But by press accounts,it is ot clear whether he was boorish:
Congressman John Sweeney, a Republican from the 20th district of New York State, appeared at a registered party at Alpha Delta Phi on Friday, April 22. The Congressman came from Geppetto's Bar and was described by witnesses as being inquisitive and engaging, while also acting openly intoxicated.
It was reported that one student approached the Congressman with drug paraphernalia and asked to take a picture. The Congressman refused.


Civilis said...

What the hell is wrong with this man? But alas, he's a Republican and they can get away with anything right? You know, invade a country, let a city's leeves collapse, run up a budget and trade deficit, cut back on pell grants, drive people to the poor house, and give tax breaks and windfall profits to the rich bourgeoisie and elitist corpratists.

There are some stupid Dems too but gosh, these guys are really messing up our country. Please save us WFP!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad pictures and statements like this are being published about Republicans in a strategic way. But I hope the WFP takes a stand against the war on drugs. Civilis is right that there are numerous ways in which they are "messing up our country". But being present in the same room as someone who's hitting the bong is not one of them.

Nevertheless, it's good to see them getting caught in "dirty" situations.

Anonymous said...

i disagree. i'm a little disapointed to see the WFP stoop to the level of caught-you-at-party politics. stick to the issues. if the next governor is a true progressive, he can pass out beer to ten year olds in albany for all I care.