Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Matching Grant for Beating Republicans

From Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor:
This is a first. We've received a challenge grant of $20,000 for our work to un-elect Republican Members of Congress here in New York ($20,000 is the most a couple can give). If you've thought about contributing to the WFP, now is the time.

If you give right now, every $1 you donate will be matched with another $1!

Donate now: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/support/

Every $1 you give will translate into $2, so your $20.06 donation - for victory in 2006! - becomes $40 and a $50 donation from you becomes $100 that we can spend to elect Democratic-Working Families Congressional nominees in target districts. It also means you'll feel twice the normal pleasure you get from contributing to the defeat of Bush and Company!

Your donation will go to take back Republican-held seats here in New York. If just 15 Republican-held seats across the country change hands then the Republicans will lose control of the House of Representatives.

And this year, New York is a swing state: there are 5-6 Republican-held seats with very serious challengers. We don't have to look to Ohio or Florida to make a difference, we can do it right here in New York.

You can make a secure online contribution to Take Back Congress - New York right now. We'll put your contribution to work immediately to stop George Bush's extreme agenda. Please don't wait.

Donate now to our Take Back Congress campaign and your donation will be effectively doubled.

Donate now: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/support/

Polls show Republican incumbents across the country and here in New York are losing support. Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Rodham Clinton are headed to overwhelming victories that will give the Congressional candidates on the ballot with them a boost on election day. But the election is less than 120 days away, and you can be sure that Karl Rove and the Republican incumbents will not leave quietly. They will do whatever they can - including some nasty, dirty campaigning - to hold on.

Some relevant history. In 2002, votes on the WFP ballot line were the margin of victory when Tim Bishop beat Republican Congressman Felix Grucci in Suffolk. In 2004, we did it again with Brian Higgins in Buffalo. In 2006, Bush is more unpopular than he's ever been - and more Republican-held seats are facing serious challengers. This is the chance we've been waiting for.

The past six years of George W. Bush have been bad, even disastrous, for our country and the world. Bush is in office until 2008, but we don't want him to have two more years to inflict more damage. We need to Take Back Congress and put an early end to the Bush Presidency.

Let's seize this opportunity - make a donation today.

Donate now: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/support/

That's it. Read the papers, pay your dues, and . . . organize.

Thank you,

Bertha Lewis, Bob Master and Sam Williams
Working Families Party Co-Chairs

Dan Cantor
Working Families Party Executive Director


P.S. Please forward this email to your friends and family who share your concern for the future and ask them to join you in stopping the Bush agenda today with a contribution to the WFP.

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wnygreen@hotmail.com said...

Saw this on the web, and I'm hoping one of you can explain why we're supposed to support this guy and, more important, why you are?

Steve Perez said...

Jack Davis stands up for good manufacturing jobs in this country. If you think America needs to retain manufacturing capacity and good manufacturing jobs then you should support Jack Davis.

Davis' Republican opponent Tom Reynolds has abandoned working families. Reynolds was key to pushing CAFTA through the House. Reynolds supported the banruptcy bill - which makes it harder for families to afford their medical bills when something goes wrong. And Tom Reynolds is playing a leading role in stopping the House from raising the minimum wage. You can read more about Reynolds' record at the Drum Major Institute.

Anonymous said...

Read the author's bio on "youdontknowjack". He claims he does all his shopping at "Walmart" and is a patriot.

Walmart - China's 8th largest trading partner, and a reason why this country is going down the tubes by outsourcing it's manafacturing capabilities.

Being American is supporting your community, and not trying to purchase cheap Rubermaid products.