Thursday, July 06, 2006

What would you ask Schumer and Emanuel?

There have been a number of election-year profiles of Rep. Rahm Emanuel and New York's own Sen. Chuck Schumer because of their roles as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (Emanuel) and head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Schumer). The latest piece was in the LA Times and followed the familiar narrative - these guys are aggressive, they're highly involved in challenger's campaigns, they're raising the money needed to run competetive races - and had the same set of personal stories (Rahmbo, ballet, Sunday news conferences).

There's a lot of ground left uncovered: to name a quick two, what are you looking for in the challengers you recruit and where are the campaign staff coming from (each article talks about how they provide campaign staff for challengers).

What would you ask Schumer and Emanuel if you had the chance to interview them?

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arthursgreenknights said...

Yes indeed, what? I would ask them, thank you very much for your good efforts thus far. Now, can you please start promoting socially responsible businesses? Can you start talking about CEO's who are not ripping their companies off, and who pay their workers well. Can you begin making mention of worker cooperatives and employee rights? Could you visit a food cooperative, and begin promoting it along with whatever other businesses need to be recognized?
Can you start promoting the welfare of our troops, as well as addressing the irresponsible expenditures by the Pentagon on high technology weapons? Thank you, it would be much appreciated.
Those are some of the key questions I think I would ask, to get to the bottom of the afflictions of our society at large.

Bob Aubin said...
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Bob Aubin said...

I would ask them to work more closely with Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. Dean's 50-State strategy will give us victory now, AND in the years to come. This will benefit us tremendously by building a progressive infrastructure to counter the right-wing noise machine around the nation. It was the first progressive movement that turned back the tide against greed and put this nation on a path to social justice. The Neo Robber Barons of the 21st century have been peeling away the gains made by the movements for labor and social justice and weakening our defenses with a radical international agenda.

...ah guess I was supposed to ask a question somewhere in there right?


"How will you better combine your efforts with Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean to unite the public in a return to greatness for this nation and regain control of our Congress in November?"