Friday, July 28, 2006

NPR looks at the 2006 election

NPR weighs in on the 2006 election, picking Mike Arcuri and Kirsten Gillibrand as the two key New York races. Here's what they have to say:
"20th Congressional District: Four-term Rep. John Sweeney (R), who has won convincingly in the past, has suddenly appeared in Democrats' cross hairs, mainly over a visit he made to a college fraternity party in April, in which some observers said he appeared drunk, or at the very least, showed poor judgement. Democrats are making sure their likely nominee, Kirsten Gillibrand, is well-funded.

24th Congressional District: Rep. Sherwood Boehlert's (R) retirement after 24 years -- not to mention top-of-the-ticket GOP woes -- puts this district in play. Hoping to win this longtime Republican district for the Democrats is Michael Arcuri, the district attorney for Oneida County, who is calling for a speedy U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. His Republican opponent will be state senator Ray Meier, who supports the Bush war effort. Unlike Boehlert, who was pro-choice, Meier is a strong abortion opponent."
What do you think?

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Bob Aubin said...

They are underestimating what will happen here in 2006.

We are in for a near total sweep for the Democrats.

Iraq is bleeding badly, and Bush is flailing without direction on the Lebanon issue.

When they are utterly unable to stop the total free-fall in the middle-east, Bush and the Republicans in Congress will be clearly shown for the incompetent bags of hot air that they really are.

Many of the worst offenders that have given Bush a blank check for radical foreign misadventure are New York Congressional Republicans. Acuri's opponent will likely lose in a landslide, as he is more Bush-like then the incumbent he wants to replace.

The voters are restless, and there are NO "safe seats."

One thing though, I don't think it is the corruption issue that will do it. While very true, it probably won't resonate with voters anywhere near as much as the Not Bush & No More Iraq vote. Unfortunately I think NY'ers - and Americans in general - see all politicians as corrupt, and they just tune out most of the corruption news.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I think you'd be correct about the 'landslide' thing, but uhhh, if you'd ben reading the papers lately, you'd realise that Mike Arcuri is up to his neck in corruption and FBI searches.

Google "NoMoreArcuri" to see what I mean.

Meier's no bag-O-Laughs either, but I'd rather see him there than a Fake on the Take...
Sorry 'bout that...

Steve Perez said...

The Karl Rove attacks are starting like clockwork. If we looked into it, would we find that anonymous 11:04 is on Ray Meier's payroll? He wouldn't be the first to use that dirty trick.

Anonymous said...

Where's the dirty trick? Arcuri has had to return thousands of dollars in donations from a guy under investigation by the FBI. Just Google for "Arcuri" and "Oriska" for the details.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Arcuri just had to return another $8000 of dirty money.

There's still time to get Les Roberts back.

Steve Perez said...

More Karl Rove attacks: Ray Meier has a fundraiser with Dick Cheney, and then to distract attention from who is funding his campaign he starts attacking Mike Arcuri's fundraising.

Anonymous said...

On top of the Oriska money, Arcuri managed to get an 11 year old girl to donate to his campaign.

I'm sure Karl Rove was the one channelling thousands of dollars through minors.

Anonymous said...

Steve you've got it right. These guys are tripping all over each other trying to dig up a mountain and all they have is a molehill. This is great because it reminds us just how worried they are, and they should be. Their boy is in for a few surprises himself. We are taking this district away from the man who turned our area into Appalachia and thinks he ought to do more damage in congress. Ray Meier is a Neocon on his very best day.

Steve Perez said...

Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Duke Cunningham and more - Republicans have so much shady fundraising that it's clear they're trying to muddy the waters. Anonymous 10:54 has it right; the more worried the Republicans are that they'll lose, the more negative attacks and dirty tricks we'll see.

U Been Duped! said...

Who needs Karl Rove? Michael Arcuri is Michael Arcuri's own worst enemy!

I suppose the "Karl rove secret Anti-Arcuri ops" FORCED Michael Arcuri to have 5 of his assistant district attorneys petition for him despite a New York State Bar Assn. opinion too huh?

Gee, so much for goatees making you look "intelligent".

What other "Ethically Challenged" candidates are you guys supporting and defending? This Arcuri is laughable, he thought his usual "scam election" tricks, and "We Like Mike" was going to work in a Congressional race... Surprise!!!