Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sweeney stonewalls

Republican incumbent John Sweeney turned down the chance to defend himself from sworn testimony indicating that he acted unethically by inviting lobbyists to a taxpayer-paid ski vacation. Sweeney did attempt to explain himself in a radio interview, but wound up raising more questions instead.

Assemblymember Brodsky isn't letting Sweeney off the hook and wants to know the following:
  • What activities were engaged in by you and your office with respect to the persons invited and in attendance?
  • Why are lobbyists invited?
  • How do you explain the conflict between your public comments and the sworn testimony of (ORDA President Ted) Blazer and the documents provided under subpoena?
  • How is ORDA's ability to receive funds from a HUD grant program enhanced by the (Winter Challenge)?
Sweeney's latest scandal exposes another layer of the GOP corruption plaguing Congress. From Jack Abramoff to Tom DeLay to Duke Cunningham, it's scandal after scandal, wasting our tax dollars instead of doing their jobs and running the government.

It's time to Take Back Congress.

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