Thursday, July 27, 2006

On The Radio: Take Back Congress

The WFP's State Co-Chair Bertha Lewis and Congressional Repo Man Peter Hatch discussed the WFP's congressional campaign plans on WBAI-FM's CityWatch radio program with host Bill DeFazio yesterday. Click here to listen to the show (starts about 8:20 minutes in).

"Our aim is to help our allies and ad affiliates across the county stop the Bush agenda," Bertha said.

"New York has fix to six highly competitive races, making it a battleground this year," Hatch added.

Hatch singled out the 24th District, where Oneida County D.A. Mike Arcuri is running against minimum-wage-opponent Ray Meier, as a "unique" race that the WFP was looking at, because it is an open seat.

DeFazio enthusiastically called the WFP one of the "most amazing" get-out-the-vote forces anywhere.

Make a donation to take back Congress today.

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