Friday, July 21, 2006

National Journal moves New York up

The National Journal is moving up its ranking of New York's competitive House races. Here's a quick roundup of what they're saying about New York:
16. CD24 (WFP endorses Mike Arcuri) This race is on the move because it's an open seat in a state that could be the GOP's national Waterloo.

25. CD20 (WFP endorses Kirsten Gillibrand) Sweeney's baggage is why this race probably will always live in the top 25.

39. CD25 (WFP endorses Dan Maffei) A clear Democratic field means Walsh may have to worry.

47. CD29 (WFP endorses Eric Massa) Randy Kuhl has negatives but he had them last cycle , too -- and he still won.
New York's 4 competitive races are as many as anyone else (Florida and Pennsylvania also have 4). That means this year we're a swing state along with Florida and Pennsylvania. We don't have to go anywhere to get involved, we just have to defend ou backyard.

Are you ready to take back Congress?

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Explain this Massa fans?