Monday, July 10, 2006

Repubican fundraising woes

The New York Times has an article out on GOP fundraising woes in advance of the release of the second quarter fundraising numbers next Monday:
"A six-month stretch of political fund-raising will end tomorrow for New York candidates, and the results, by all accounts, will be stark: Republicans are struggling, and in some cases competing with one another for cash . . .

The current fund-raising period is a very important one: It allows candidates to prove their political strength through so-called early money, the donations that campaigns receive well before most voters begin paying attention to races around Labor Day . . .

Some of the problems facing the Republicans stem from the popularity and political strength of the Democratic candidates. Mrs. Clinton is widely viewed as all but unbeatable; Mr. Spitzer is also viewed as formidable"
We'll know more next week when the fundraising numbers get released, but if this article is right it's a boost to our work to Take Back the House.

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