Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Election roundup for late May

The National Journal has 4 New York House seats in their list of the 50 most competitive races in the country (via Capitol Confidential). The races (most competitive first) are:
  • 14. New York-24 (Open-R)
  • 24. New York-20 (Sweeney-R)
  • 48. New York-25 (Walsh-R)
  • 49. New York-19 (Kelly-R)
The Cook Political Report lists more New York House seats in play (via MyDD). Those six races (in order of district number) are:
  • NY-19 Sue Kelly (R)
  • NY-20 John Sweeney (R)
  • NY-24 Open (Boehlert-R)
  • NY-25 James Walsh (R)
  • NY-26 Tom Reynolds (R)
  • NY-29 Randy Kuhl (R)
And this Newsday article drives home the fact that the fight to win back the U.S. House will center on New York.

The big news for May has been who is and isn't running. In CD24, Les Roberts has decided to drop out and support Michael Arcuri. In CD25, Ken Howland has decided to drop out and support Dan Maffei. In CD26, Tom Reynolds is facing a primary challenge. And there's a crowded field fighting to take on Sue Kelly in CD19.

I somehow missed this when it first came out: a poll in CD29 shows Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa in a tight race, with Kuhl's lead down to three points as Massa lays out what he would do differently.

And in CD20, John Sweeney has stopped saying he's a Republican as he campaigns for reelection. Is he ashamed?

What do you think, how many competitive House races will we see in New York this election?

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Bob Aubin said...

NY-23 John McHugh is a right wing Republican whose time has come to go.

This will be the real surprise sleeper race of the season. Dr. Bob is going to hand McHugh a surpise ticket back home in November, and we will take back the Congress with the incoming Democrats across NY.

Bob Aubin said...

Don't forget Dr. Bob Johnson in NY-23. Lots of folks up here are working to unseat McHugh. We need change up here too!

Steve Perez said...

Hey Bob, be sure to keep us up to date on how the race is going.