Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fair Share fight heats up

The fight to pass the Fair Share for Health Care Act is heating up as the bill becomes the central focus of the state Legislature. From Crain's Insider (no link):
"A key supporter of the controversial state bill to require large employers to provide health insurance says it won't pass without a compromise with the NYS Business Council. State Sen.Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, predicts, 'If the labor movement is the only one making this argument, we will not prevail.' Yet the organization remains firmly opposed to Fair Share for Health Care. The council's Elliott Shaw contends the bill would be 'suicidal' for the state. In this week's paper, Crain's predicts the bill will be Albany's main focus through the end of June."
Registration is required to read the article in Crain's, but here's an excerpt:
"Activists from the Working Families Party are mobilizing across the state, pushing a watershed bill that would force New York businesses to buy health insurance for employees. They have knocked on doors in a dozen Senate districts, secured resolutions of support from county legislatures and campaigned relentlessly for media coverage.

Business interests are galvanizing to defeat the bill, called Fair Share for Health Care. Fast-food restaurants, retailers, temporary employment agencies and even amusement park operators organized a 'war room' to plot strategy. The Business Council of New York State is marshaling advocates from chambers of commerce.

The struggle over the bill, the most comprehensive of its kind in the nation, is the most important issue in the five weeks left in the state legislative session."
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