Monday, May 15, 2006

Greenburgh Rising...

... Low-road employers falling. Working Families Party Man's blog has the info on a resolution passed by the Town of Greenburgh in support of the Fair Share for Health Care Act:
Yes, one of the most progressive towns in the well known county of Westchester, NY has unanimously passed a Fair Share for Healthcare resolution in support of the Fair Share for Healthcare Act that's winding It's way through both houses in Albany. The Greenburgh Town Board has been known for passing progressive resolutions like this in the past. Another example would be the resolution they passed against the Patriot Act which the county then followed along with.

As a resident of Greenburgh, NY I'm happy to see that the Town Board voted unanimously to endorse this resolution. As a town we take our politics seriously, and I mean seriously. Ever been to a Town Board meeting? It's no holds barred I tell you! But this leads me to ask the question, can you get your towns, cities, and villages to endorse a resolution calling for Albany to pass the Fair Share for Healthcare Act? The more Albany hears from the local municipalities the better.
The Greenburgh board joins the county legislatures of Suffolk County and Westchester County in passing pro-FSHC resolutions.

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