Thursday, May 25, 2006

Help Frame Our Spitzer Message

Last year we endorsed Eliot Spitzer for Governor. Now we're starting to frame our message, and we're asking people how we can best convince voters that it's important to not just vote for Eliot (that's not hard), but to do so on the WFP ballot line. We've set up a survey you can take to share your opinions with us.

Here are three early drafts:
1. Vote Your Values: Voting Working Families Party lets you vote for the best candidate and the party you most closely identify with. When you vote on the WFP line, you're not just voting for a candidate. You're voting for good jobs, good schools, good government and affordable health care. Vote your values, vote Eliot Spitzer on the Working Families Party line.

2. Cast a Health Care Vote: A parent with a sick child, with no health insurance. A candidate with a plan to insure every child in the state. Together, New Yorkers can cast a health care vote for Eliot Spitzer on the WFP line on November 7. Imagine that he wakes up the next day to read that 200,000 New Yorkers stood up to vote for health care for every child. Together, we can fix a broken system.

3. A Mandate for Progressive Change: Give Eliot Spitzer a mandate for change. If 200,000 New Yorkers vote for Spitzer on Row E, then we'll give him a mandate for real progressive change. Better jobs, affordable health care, fair funding for our schools and real campaign finance reform. Voting on Row E is how we make sure Spitzer can and will fight for us.
Vote in our survey or share your ideas here by leaving a comment.

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Anonymous said...

"A Mandate for Progressive Change" is by far the best. It's a more positive message than saying something like "by voting WFP, we're telling Spitzer what we want him to do" and thats good because a lot of people really like Spitzer and if they don't already identify with the WFP, they might be hesitant to join our ranks - i.e., they might think "who are you to tell Spitzer what he should be doing and why should i join you?"
So number 3 is great, it would appeal to people who already support Spitzer but aren't familiar with or don't understand the WFP.

however, #3 could be improved by making the desciption of "real progressive change" more unique - it now says "better jobs, affordable health care," etc. Everyone says these things, even the centrists who's conception of better jobs and affordalbe health care and how acheive them (i.e. nafta and subsidizing insurance companies) is very different from ours.
I always liked the New Party slogan - "a fair economy, and real democracy" because while it may sound like an inoccuous slogan it was really good at "framing" (before that word was fasionable) -- i.e., "the economy is unfair, and this isn't a real democracy frame"
put something like that in it: "Give Spitzer a mandate to fight to for a fair economy and a real democracy" - I will try to think of more things like that -- things that have progressive/lefitst presuppositions packed into them...

Bob Aubin said...

I really like Vote your Values. It is memorable and it is really good framing.

"When you vote on the WFP line, you're not just voting for a candidate. You're voting for good jobs, good schools, good government and affordable health care."

Who wouldn't want to vote for those things?

Jack Norton said...

I like #3. I also think that we should hitch ourselves to Spitzer's promise to reform redistricting. Across the nation reactionary forces have used redistricting every ten years to consolidate power (see Texas). Spitzer called for change. We need to hold him to it as difficult as it will be to make change, we have four more years to affect that kind of change.