Monday, May 01, 2006

See David Sirota in NYC on May 10

Here are a couple more reasons for you to come see David Sirota, blogger and author of Hostile Takeover, on May 10 at 6:30 pm in New York City as part of a Drum Major Institute panel discussion on the 2006 election. This should be popular, so be sure to RSVP in advance.
"Sirota has always had a lot to say about Democratic renewal, but in his first book, he keeps the political advice to a minimum and instead tells the story as he would hope to hear it told. It's a useful discipline and the result is a book that could show any political speaker how to forge a compelling narrative. On issue after issue, from taxes to pensions to health care to energy, corporate interests have used their political influence to undermine the public and their customers, promote their short-term profits over the long-term good, and in general ripped us off. And Sirota argues that on each issue, there is a set of public solutions -- responsible and achievable -- that would answer the takeover and restore public trust . . . Sirota's book is a catalogue of stories that show just how to make that connection [with average Americans], so that every discussion of health care can be a discussion of corruption, reform, and better results."
- Washington Monthly, April, 2006

"David Sirota is the kind of pundit you'd like to have on your side in a knife fight and wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley . . . He stands for the interests of ordinary people, and anyone who disagrees about anything is not merely wrong, but a 'hack' or a 'liar,' a bought-and-paid-for agent of Corporate America . . . Not content to stick with the small-bore corruption of Jack Abramoff's misdeeds, [Hostile Takeover's] target is the entire nexus of corporate cash and the political system. As ever, profit-making firms try their best to exploit customers and workers, and with the assistance of friendly politicians, pundits, and think tankers the government is doing less and less to stand in their way. Right-wing talking points on the full spectrum of economic issues are debunked, progressive alternatives vociferously defended, and no hint of doubt or hesitation enters the picture at any point."
- American Prospect, April, 2006

"One of the most important books to come along in awhile will soon be hitting the book stores and the Internet: Hostile Takeover. The basic premise of the book is that there is no longer any lines between Big Business and government. They are one and the same -- both looking to fleece the average American as much as possible . . . This is true in every arena, but certainly true in the environment, where giant corporations, given complete license by the government, are raping and pillaging the country. If [Americans] want a world where the environment is protected and we are saved from global catastrophe, [their] first step will be to read this book and see what [we] are up against."
- Alternet, April, 2006
Other panelists include Dr. Elizabeth Warren, Howard Wolfson and Assemblymember Adriano Espaillat. RSVP here.

And don't miss Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor two days earlier on the morning of May 8th as part of a Drum Major Institute panel on Fair Share Health Care. RSVP here.

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