Monday, May 08, 2006

A Report from the DMI Fair Share Event

Daniel Millstone posts a report over at DailyGotham on the conference about the Fair Share for Health Care bill sponsored by the Drum Major Institute this morning.

They were discussing what may be a log-jam breaking proposal to force moderate and large retailers to provide health case insurance for their employees. Sen. Lawlah focused on her experience getting a similar health insurance bill enacted in Maryland. While there are four bills knocking around in Albany, only the WFP bill seems to have legs -- because only it has a Republican State Senate sponsor (Yonkers' Nick Spano). As currently drafted, the WFP Fair Share Bill would require retailers with more than 100 employees to provide health insurance or pay into a fund for the uninsured. Everyone at this morning's panel viewed the Fair Share Bill as a partial step, not a solution, for getting health insurance to those not now covered.
And in breaking news (actually, I think Daniel broke it), the Assembly will be holding on the bill on May 23. WFP Press release here (.pdf).

Update: Don't forget to RSVP to see David Sirota speak at another Drum Major Institute event this Wednesday.

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