Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Westchester County supports Fair Share Health Care

The Westchester County Board of Legislators passed a resolution in support of the Fair Share for Health Care Act last night by a vote of 12-4 with one member absent.

Voting for the resolution:
  • Thomas J. Abinanti (WFP-D, District 12)
  • Jose I. Alvarado (WFP-D, District 17)
  • William Burton (WFP-D, District 9)
  • Michael B. Kaplowitz (WFP-D, District 4)
  • James Maisano (WFP-R, District 11)
  • Judith A. Myers (WFP-D, District 7)
  • Vito J. Pinto (WFP-D, District 10) Majority Whip
  • Martin Rogowsky (WFP-D, District 6) Majority Leader
  • William J. Ryan (WFP-D, District 5) Board Chair
  • Bernice Spreckman (R, District 14)
  • Andrea Stewart-Cousins (WFP-D, District 16) Board Vice Chair
  • Clinton I. Young, Jr. (D, District 13)
Voting against the resolution:
  • Gordon A. Burrows (R, District 15)
  • George Oros (R, District 1) Minority Leader
  • Ursula G. LaMotte (R, District 2) Minority Whip
  • Suzanne R. Swanson (R, District 3)
  • Lois T. Bronz (WFP-D, District 8)
Thanks to everyone who called the Westchester County Legislature - they definitely got the message.

Onward to Albany!

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