Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grannis scores again

Potrikus is complaining about the potential effect of Fair Share on store prices.

Assemblymember Grannis points out the obvious with devastating effect: Consumers may spend a penny or two more at Wal-Mart, but they will save nearly a billion dollars in taxes if stop subsidizing health care through Medicaid for the employees of corporate freeloaders.


Ted Herman said...

Here's a quote from an opinion piece in yesterday's LA Times written by George S. McGovern, former U.S. senator from South Dakota and Democratic nominee for president in 1972.

"The end of 'more'"
A Democratic stalwart warns that labor's old strategy can't win against a new competitive reality.

"Maryland recently passed a law aimed at requiring Wal-Mart to spend more on health insurance. This is an extremely flawed path to healthcare reform. We need universal coverage, not piecemeal legislation designed to punish companies because they operate differently than their competitors."

To read the entire piece, cut and paste this link:


Anonymous said...

They "operate differently than their competitors."--wow, what wonderful euphemisms you corporate schills have.

I'd say these companies:
"suck at the teat of the taxpayer-provided safety net,"

"exploit the workers with low wages, and then exploit the taxpayers,"

"extort tax subsidies from communities on the front end, drive up property taxes on the back end, and justify it all by saying New Yorkers should be grateful their family-run businesses were replaced with dead-jobs that don't pay a living wage."

Companies need to stop leaving hardworking taxpayers to hold the bag. They need to do their fair share.

Steve Perez said...

We need a level playing field for responsible local businesses. Unscrupulous businesses undermine responsible businesses and take advantage of taxpayers by dumping their employees on to public assistance. Fair Share will stop that and level the playing field.

About:Blank said...

Everybody always talks about tax savings, but when they impliment the "savings" I never actually feel it in my wallet. Gov't slight-of-hand?