Friday, August 11, 2006

Congressman Sweeney's Fib Watch

I was thinking someone should do this, and who better the Capital District's premier blogger, DIA:
Not surprisingly we haven't heard many public comments from John Sweeney in the past few months. But his spokesperson Maureen O’Brien Donovan (known to friends and foes as Morod) has been hard at work "spokesing" for her man. Which is good. That is what she is paid to do. However, she has a problem of pretty much lying every time she opens her mouth. I may have some time on my hands (thanks to John Sweeney and George Bush's economy...things are a bit slow) so I'm thinking of counting up all the Lies of Morod. The latest installment.
Sweeney campaign spokeswoman Maureen O’Brien Donovan, who earlier this week insisted to me that the congressman’s campaign doesn’t use trackers and accused Gillibrand’s tracker/intern of stalking Sweeney, didn’t deny these two guys are connected to the campaign.
So we'll start the count at one Morodism. Feel free to join in the fun.
That's it: the counter is started. We'll watch it rise, and please go post at if you catch the Congressman and his staff in a lie.

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la la la I can't hear you said...

I'm not sure if I have a DIA account or not, but I did see a Sweeney lie this morning that appears to have been told by the JS himself.

I posted it at the 20TrueBlue Blog here

The gist of it is that either Sweeney is telling tall tales about the Minimum Wage Bills that were available to select from in congress or he is utterly ill-informed.

Either option means he's gotta go.

David_GP_artist said...

I wish you had not abandoned your "fib watch". Its now 3 days prior to the election, Sweeney has trotted out his wife to help deliver the lies. And this blog of yours is still on the first page of search results for "Congressman Sweeney".

So please, don't stop. Personal attacks and lies have been the rule in his issue-less campaign. Besides your blog, there's just one non-focused blog, plus Gillibrand, Wikipedia, and Sweeney himself there.