Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why We Fight: Day Care Workers

This year's legislative session didn't end completely the way we hoped, but, of our five legislative priorities, the legislature:
  • gave home day care workers the right to organize (requiring an override of Gov. Pataki's veto),
  • amended Healthy New York so that more working families can access affordable health care, and
  • required disclosure of state spending to subsidize health care for large companies like Wal-Mart.
We just received this kind letter from Gladys Jones about the day care workers bill and wanted to share it:
To All parties that have helped Childcare Providers,

The following is titled "Why I want a Union!"

The reason I want a union is quite simple (WE) need it. We are professionals without the tag that usually comes with work done of the highest value. The beginning of the future of our children.

Our forefathers fought for the rights we have today. Using any measures necessary to accomplish equality and humane conditions. The fight continues with organizations like THE WORKING FAMILY PARTY, to insure that people like myself are able to utilize the right to organize. The people that have made social and economic justice their goal in life deserve and should have all RESOURCES, that are available to help people to achieve the DEMOCRATIC DREAM. That is and should be available to ALL in America.

I have to thank WFP for the support that has been given to legislation override.

The struggles still exist hence making organizations like WFP one of the most important means to pave justice for today and tomorrow in my world of CHILDCARE.

Sincerely and passionately submitted,

Thanks Gladys, we're proud to be in your corner.

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