Thursday, August 24, 2006

New York 24 is #11

The Congressional race in CD24 is drawing national attention:
"National Journal, an online magazine that covers national political issues, rates this race the 11th most competitive in the nation.

'Most recent numbers we've seen have Arcuri up by a few points over Meier . . . where are the GOP [poll] numbers to respond?'
President Bush's sagging popularity has hurt Republican candidates, particularly in this region of the nation."
So how is campaigning going for both candidates?

While the most recent poll in the race shows Mike Arcuri leading by four points, his right-wing opponent Ray Meier has admitted he's having a hard time relating to voters. Here's Meier in his own words:
"People around here are anxious and concerned not just about the national state of affairs, but also their personal state of affairs. As a Republican candidate, the challenge is to show you have even a clue about what their lives are like."
But Meier and the Republican Party hierarchy aren't worried; they're counting on their stealth candidate sneaking into office with help from other right-wingers in the district:
"Ray will bring a huge base of conservative voters"
We need to get the word out so Meier can't steal this race with his phony double-talk. Let's Take Back Congress - volunteer or donate

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Rahm Alamadingdong said...

Is it Mike Arcuri, or Mike Arkoori? I get so confused.