Friday, August 04, 2006

Radio ads air this weekend

If you're in CD20 or CD24 be sure to listen to our radio ads (or follow the link to listen online). The ads have started airing and will continue through the weekend.

A big thanks to everyone who donated money to air the ads.

Read more over at Capitol Confidential.

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YouGoMike said...

I heard the ad a few days ago here in Oneida County. SUPER, and thank you! We really need to get rid of Ray Meier before he tanks our area any further. We are the Appalachia, Spitzer refers to and Meier is a big reason for it. We appreciate WFP's help!

Steve Perez said...

Glad you liked the radio ads. Shoot me an email sometime, I want to talk to you (and any other bloggers reading this) about some of the work we're doing in the 24th district to elect Mike Arcuri.