Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What would you google?

If I asked you to look something up, how would do it? If you're like millions of Americans the answer is simple - you google it!

Finding out about candidates running for offices is no different. Thousands of people will be googling the election this fall before they vote.

We want to bring our advertising online with Google ads, and we want help shaping our strategy. We need to know what phrases people are likely to use when they search for election information.

So here's the question - if you wanted to know more about the Congressional race where you live, what would you type into Google?

Post your ideas in the comments section or email them to me.

What are Google ads? Google ads are the text advertisements that are displayed to the right of Google search results. To see what I mean, look at the "sponsored links" on the right side of the page for Google searches on "John Kerry" or "John McCain". Google sells those spots based on the phrase being searched on; so you purchase certain phrases, and when someone does a Google search on that phrase they see your ad.

As the election draws closer, people are going to go online to find more information.

They'll go to Google to search for information about the local candidates and who they want to support - and if we figure out the right search phrases they will see an ad telling them who the Working Families Party has endorsed. They'll find out more about the WFP and our endorsed candidate, and we're one step closer to winning the election.

This is the fastest-growing, and some say the most effective, form of online advertising. That's why Google ads are emerging as a key way to reach people looking for more information about the Congressional election.

This is an ad war we need to compete in.

The more people we have thinking about this, the more and better ideas we'll come up with. The comments section is open for your ideas, or you can email me.

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1 comment:

24 Independent said...

I'd google the political party - Democrat - the candidate's name - Michael Arcuri (or Mike Arcuri) - Congress, and if I didn't know the district number, I'd probably google the names of the most prominent communities in the district - Utica, Cortland, Auburn, Geneva, Seneca Falls.

If I were designing that google ad, I'd also throw in "Ray Meier" - just in case someone wants to find out about the opposition, not to mention to flummox the opposition.