Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sweeney plays dumb

John Sweeney is playing dumb, hoping that voters won't know any better:
"Sweeney has said he would have preferred legislation that dealt exclusively with the minimum wage issue, but Democrats as well as Republicans were not willing to support that."
John Sweeney knows that's a flat out lie - progressives in the House want to raise the minimum wage without any payoffs and introduced legislation to do just that.

What Sweeney's trying to hide is that he didn't support raising the minimum wage unless he got a political payoff.

Ray Meier is trying to pull the same trick - Meier, a right-winger in the mold of Dick Cheney, opposed raising the minimum wage as a State Senator, and now he thinks that before you raise the minimum wage you first need to give the 8,000 richest families in America a $260+ billion inheritance tax cut.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle deserves the last word:
"Voters shouldn't be fooled by Republicans on the congressional campaign trail who claim that they tried to raise the minimum wage this year. What they did was tie a wage increase to a doomed bill that included a controversial and unwise cut in the estate tax.
It has not escaped voters that, since the last federal minimum wage increase in 1997, members of Congress have raised their pay by more than $31,000 a year. Republicans, who have blocked Democratic efforts to raise the minimum wage, know that a vast majority of Americans favor an increase. A Wells Fargo-Gallup poll taken in March showed that even 84 percent of small business owners, whose struggles are often cited as a reason not to raise the minimum wage, said that the minimum wage would have no effect on them.
Americans want to see working people earn a fair wage. Republicans, who are fighting to retain control of Congress, should stop playing politics and provide one."
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