Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Count on Me - 6 weeks until the election

Last week we started collecting online Count on Me pledges - and the response has been great!

The Count on Me campaign is a 7-week drive to identify 200,000 progressive voters who will give Eliot Spitzer a clear public mandate for progressive change by voting for him for Governor on Row E, the Working Families Party ballot line.

Here are four things that we want Eliot Spitzer to start working on when he officially takes office on January 1:
  • Universal health care
  • Living wage jobs
  • Fair funding for every public school
  • Real campaign finance reform
As people take the Count on Me pledge, they've been telling us why they're casting a progressive vote on Row E. Showing support for universal health care is the #1 answer, with living wage jobs close behind.

Here are some of the things people are saying:
"Working in the medical field, I see it to be very important for all to have health care. It will cost the economy less to prevent and treat health problems, as oppose[d] to when the problem gets out of control and may be too cumbersome to handle."

"Improvement on health care, wages, and affordable housing"

"We hear the phrase, 'our children are the future', well, we need to have fair funding of our public schools to help educate and teach our children using all resources needed."

"Build more affordable assisted living housing for seniors and the disabled."

"Support for clean energy technology and sustainable agriculture."

"Strengthening of rent stabilization laws; voting reform: no Diebold machines!"
What are you voting for this November? Take the Count on Me pledge and let us know.

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