Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Western New York kicks things off

The Western New York WFP chapter kicked off their election work over the Labor Day weekend with the Labor Day Parade float pictured on the right (click the picture to see a bigger version). Here's a report from the chapter:
"Congrats on a successful event! We went above and beyond to bring both celebration and solidarity to the labor movement! Roger Cook deserves some serious accolades for visioning the ballot box & hand that cast a ballot on Row E; Frank Hotchkiss and Bob Chadwick for engineering it; Micaela Shapiro, Eric Walker, and Rebecca Town for getting us started; Mike Mottern and Carol Alt for painting; Bill Ervin for the Flat bed truck connection; and Jim Duncan for pulling us all together for such a successful Labor Day Parade! We really stood out! Thanks to all the members who marched with us and wore hard hats and welder's masks supplied by Dawn and Frank. And a special shout out to Dave Chudy and his brother, Chuckles the Clown!"
Find the chapter nearest you and get involved today.

I'll finish it off with more Labor Day pictures from the Western New York chapter.

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