Friday, September 08, 2006

NY-24: Mike Arcuri up by 8 in poll

A new Constituent Dynamics poll (pdf) (more here) shows D-WF candidate Mike Arcuri leading Dick Cheney-clone Ray Meier by 49% to 41% in New York's 24th Congressional District race.

A Post-Standard article on the race reinforces the challenge and opportunity before us:
"Republicans hold an enrollment advantage in the district, but they face an electorate that's been supportive of national Democrats in recent years. It also includes a large number of independent voters."
In the same article, a Republican official admits trying to sneak Meier into office because he's out of step with the district:
"Meier will appeal to the same grass-roots, conservative voters who gave Boehlert [the retiring Congressman in the district] more opposition than the Democrats during his last two re-election bids."
We can win this one if we work for it. Anyone around the state can volunteer online, and if you're in the district then email me to ask for a lawn sign.

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