Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Count on Me kickoff

Big business interests have influence in Albany because they write big checks. Until we get real campaign finance reform, working families have to rely on another way to have our voices heard: with our votes.

Today, the Working Families Party is launching a 7-week drive to identify 200,000 progressive voters who want a more progressive New York. We're calling it our "Count on Me" campaign.

We can give Eliot Spitzer a clear public mandate for progressive change if 200,000 of us vote together for him for Governor on Row E, the Working Families Party ballot line.

Can we count on you to vote on Row E? Sign the Count on Me pledge at:

Here are four things that we want Eliot Spitzer to start working on when he officially takes office on January 1:
  • Universal health care
  • Living wage jobs
  • Fair funding for every public school
  • Real campaign finance reform
And we want votes on Row E to send Congress a message to bring the troops home from Iraq.

Be part of something big. If we can count on you to give Eliot a mandate for progressive change and to send a message to Congress, then sign the Count on Me pledge here:

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1 comment:

your favorite senator said...

to my friends in the WFP, the best way to change albany, and eliminate the influence of corporations and lobbyists is to shatter the two majorities. help us take the senate from the hands of bruno and company.