Friday, September 22, 2006

NY-24: Mike Arcuri late September update

The polls confirm what our on-the-ground experience shows: Mike Arcuri is winning his race for an open Congressional seat in New York's 24th Congressional District. But Arcuri's not taking anything for granted as he campaigns throughout the district. Here are some Arcuri quotes from a campaign event and subsequent interview:
"The thing I am most proud of as a DA is the Child Advocacy Center we established in Oneida County . . . Our role as public servants is to make it easier for people who have been abused, people who have been neglected to get the help they need from the government. That's what our Child Advocacy Center did."

"We need to change the course of our country . . . We need new leadership, and that's why I'm running for Congress."

"My major domestic focus would be to ensure that we get quality healthcare in this country"

"[Iraq] is not a popular war, and it is the wrong war."

"I think one of the problems for our nation right now is that we are so overextended in Iraq that it is very difficult for our military to get engaged in other parts of the world like Darfur, like Lebanon"
Next Thursday is another chance for you to hear Mike Arcuri speak. The League of Women Voters is hosting a debate between Mike Arcuri and his opponent, Dick Cheney-clone Ray Meier. The September 28th debate is at Donovan Middle School in Utica and starts at 6:30pm.

This debate will be a change for Meier - he'll have to take a break from spreading negative stories around to actually talk about the issues. We'll see if Meier decides to agree to drop his opposition to raising the minimum wage and to stop weakening Social Security, or if he just repeats George Bush's talking points that things are fine in Iraq.

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NoMoreArcuri said...

You wan't some more lipstick for your pig?

Has your "on-the-ground" experience shown you how Mike blew-off a debate sponsored by farmers?

Also, when are you going to learn that the "We hate Bush" tactic is going to do nothing for the Dems this season? A good chunk of your fellow Dem Bloggers are already noting this... when will you?

"Bush Sucks" is already being exposed. try another tactic... weren't the Dems going to use "Ethics" this season as a main issue?

Oh, yeah, sorry... your Mike Arcuri is the crookedest candidate running...

As you were... go back to the "We hate Bush" = Vote for an incompetant Dem Tactic!

It just doesn't translate well considering Bush is gone soon. What will you Democrats whine about then?


Steve Perez said...

Hey look, the Meier campaign is back commenting on our site.

No surprise that all you've got to say for yourself are more lies and smears. It's obvious the whole campaign will be about what kind of Congressman Mike Arcuri will be, since Meier won't say where he stands on the issues. Looking through your comment, you don't have one good thing to say about the candidate you supposedly support.

That's ok - it's only right that we talk about what Mike Arcuri stands for since he's headed to Congress.