Friday, October 13, 2006

Come see Mike Arcuri debate on Oct. 24th

Mike Arcuri and Dick Cheney-clone Ray Meier will debate on Wednesday, October 25th, at 7pm in the New Hartford High School gym.

We'll see if the Reynolds-Foley page scandal comes up in the debate. Before he resigned, Mark Foley donated $100,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee, which is headed by New York incumbent Tom Reynolds. Now the NRCC and the Republican leadership that covered things up for Foley are pouring money into advertising in the 24th District to hide Ray Meier's record and smear Mike Arcuri.

Here's a quote on Meier's tainted money from the Arcuri campaign:
"Raymond Meier accepted over $25,000 this year alone from disgraced Congressmen who knew about Mark Foley's unacceptable behavior and did nothing. Either Foley's Republican colleagues don't know the difference between right and wrong, or worse, they chose political expedience over morality. Instead of siding with Americans across the country who are appalled by this failure of judgment, Raymond Meier continues to be bankrolled by his leadership rather than stand up for what's right"
And here is Ray Meier's defense:
"In America, we don't judge people until an investigation is finished"
That's Ray Meier - willing to look the other way, happy to do what he's told.

Help us win this race: call from home, call from the district, call from New York City or make a donation.

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