Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WFP Statement on the 47th State Senate District

"While another candidate is technically, unavoidably and unfortunately on the Working Families ballot line, the New York State Working Families Party enthusiastically supports Democrat John Murad for State Senate in the 47th District. We urge voters in Central New York to support the best hope for working families for State Senate, John Murad."

-- Alex Navarro, Communications Director, NYS Working Families Party


Daniel Millstone said...

This is too opaque. Tell the story, please.

Anonymous said...

Yes Alex, why don't you tell us why your party is abandoning the most qualified, intelligent candidate running in the 47th. Might it have to do with the 75yr old, bad health ex-judge John Murad's son working for the Spitzer campaign?

Did they finally put enough pressure on you, like they tried to do after the "local" WF Party members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Leon Koziol? Are you guys really that low of a party? This is shameful and I certainly hope you go public with this, and release it to the local media. If not, I hope Koziol does, and then he endorses Ray Meier. Koziol did split the vote with Murad in the Dem Primary, with all odds against him, showing he has a faithful following. And endoresement for Meier on the eve of the election could lose that seat for Arcuri.

How would you, Alex, Like to take the blame for that?

Anonymous said...

It's so typical of the Republicans to whine and cry. That's why the WFP shouldn't be involved with them!
The republican in Dem's clothing, his republican campaign manager, and his republican aide-de-camp should look at the results of the primary in the 47th and let it slowly seep into their collective grey matter that they LOST!
The Democratic candidate won.

Michael Garry, Utica said...

Real nice Alex...what are you thinking? This party is NOT supposed to be about Democrats or Republicans, It's supposed to be about who will represent the values of the WFP. (That goes for the first two anonymous comments too).
You don't understand this part of NY State...its demographic or its voting pulse. Do you think we are all rubes? THIS is the year for the WFP to gain ground in the NY state senate as well. Just look at the gains we are making with Michael Arcuri and other WFP endorsed candidates. You are not in touch with this district...oh yeah, that's right, you're not from the area. Did you know that this is a four-way race for the vacated seat?...Probably not. Its Koziol, Murad and then you have The Mayor of Utica Tim Julian running on the Independent line who lost the Republican primary to Joe Griffo (the former Mayor of Rome) Do you know of any rivalry between Utica & Rome?...guess not. Don't you think this splits the vote even further?...guess not.
Koziol didn't even lose the Dem primary by that came down to absentee ballots...Did you know that?...guess not.
Do you know about the strong ties that assembly members RoAnn Destito and Dave Townsend have to the WFP here?...probably not. For a true WFP voter in this region these friends are not democrat or republican, they are WFP. But you wouldn't know that would you?
Alex, this party is not supposed to be about the same old game but that's what your blog makes it.

The Local Oneida/Herkimer Chapter has always chosen the candidates best for the job. Do you know the history here?...Guess not!
For the 47th Senate District they chose Koziol. He is not a Republican in Dems clothing. Check his record. The person who wrote that doesn't know him and especially doesn't know the area. Additionally, had you been at the interview for Murad you would have seen that he was just telling the committee what they wanted to hear and quite frankly didn't get what the WFP was about until it was too late. Additionally, this is not a case of some spoiler republican trying to get on the ballot by piling up signatures (as has happened in other parts of the state) But you don't want to talk about that right?
Oh yeah Alex, did you know that there was another WFP endorsement approved by the State party (and still on the WFP official endorsement page as of this writing)for Oneida County Clerk?
Rick Allen-He lost a republican primary and remains on the ballot as WFP. Where's the blog about him Alex?...Oh that's right you probably don't know about that race either.

Apparently Mr. Murad has lots of friends in Albany and thats fine. You and the state Party want him to be the endorsed candidate...
Well you can't make up the rules to the party's structure on your blog Alex.