Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Late night political blogging

Elections mean late nights, so expect blog posts to come after most people's work day ends.

I've blogged a lot about Mike Arcuri's Congressional campaign in NY-24, and more recently about Jack Davis' race in New York's 26th Congressional District. The pundits rate those two races as the top two Congressional campaigns in New York.

But an underdog campaign that I'm also excited about is Eric Massa's Congressional campaign in the 29th District against incumbent Rep. Kuhl. A friend of mine was out riding her bike in the district, and she said there were a sea of Eric Massa signs up. Combine that grassroots energy with Rep. Kuhl's thoughts on Iraq and Katrina, and this is a race that Eric Massa can win.

This analysis of a September poll (it's well worth reading all of it) shows Eric Massa is right behind Rep. Kuhl, 40% to 43%, and makes the case that as Eric Massa becomes better known he will pull ahead.

So that's the key. Can we introduce Eric Massa to enough voters to win his Congressional race and Take Back Congress. We're phonebanking this weekend - sign up to call from home.

And here's a good primer on Eric Massa from Swing State Project.

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DragonFlyEye said...

We've all been really exited for the Massa campaign. Eric Massa is a well-spoken man with a firm command of the facts, especially where foreign policy is concerned. He's a far, far better candidate for NY29, even with its history of relative Conservativism. I did an interview with him about a month ago. Check it out, he's worth a read!