Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Count on Me - three weeks until it's decided

The Count on Me campaign is a 7-week drive to identify 200,000 progressive voters who will give Eliot Spitzer a clear public mandate for progressive change by voting for him for Governor on Row E, the Working Families Party ballot line.

The Village Voice's political column Power Plays covered our Count on Me campaign. Here's what they had to say:
"Eliot Spitzer's lock on the governor's mansion is so tight Marist didn't even survey that race in their latest poll of state contests. Luckily, Quinnipiac did—and found the attorney general with a 73-21 lead over someone named John Faso. This is good news for Eliot Spitzer, but not-so-good news for people who support Eliot Spitzer but want their help to matter, like the Working Families Party, which has (as usual) cross-endorsed the Democrat. (He also has the Independence party line) The WFP gains clout when its votes help major party candidates win, but it looks like Spitzer might just pull this one off all by his lonesome. So emails are going around asking voters to sign up at the WFP website "pledging" their vote to Spitzer, who "knows that every vote he gets on Row E . . . is a vote for progressive change to solve problems with our schools, health care, housing and jobs."
We're building steam, and now you can get involved where ever you are. We've put a downloadable Count on Me pledge form online - check it out, print it out, get people you know to sign it and then send it in.

Universal health care is the top issue people care about, followed by living wage jobs. Here's what people who take the Count on Me pledge are saying:
"Medicare for All, single payer health insurance."

"Clean elections. No fraud in elections"

"A truly open legislative process"

"Environmental Sustainability"

"Support for the CFE school funding reform position"
Pledge to vote on the WFP ballot line and let us know what change you want to see.

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DragonFlyEye said...

Fantastic idea, and I've already signed up and sent the email. Good luck to you all!