Monday, October 09, 2006

Count on Me - four weeks to go

The Count on Me campaign is a 7-week drive to identify 200,000 progressive voters who will give Eliot Spitzer a clear public mandate for progressive change by voting for him for Governor on Row E, the Working Families Party ballot line.

As people take the Count on Me pledge, they've been telling us why they're casting a progressive vote on Row E. Universal health care is the #1 answer, with living wage jobs close behind and campaign finance reform, fair funding for schools and affordable housing all with their supporters.

Here are some of the reasons people are giving for their vote on Row E:
"I want to see working class minds in office making the decisions that need to made to straighten out what is supposed to be for the people!"

"Better jobs. Better health care."

"Bulk prescription drug buying"
Add your two cents and take the Count on Me pledge.

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