Thursday, February 01, 2007

45,339 Doors Knocked For Craig Johnson

The Working Families Party door-to-door operation has been on the doors every day for 3 weeks, working to elect Craig Johnson to the State Senate. As we shift into Get Out The Vote mode, the number of doors knocked stands at 45,339.

With just 5 days until Election Day it's your turn to join us out there.

The main focus of the Get Out the Vote plan is one-on-one voter contact - which is the single most effective way to get people out to vote. The work we do in the last 104 hours of the election - from Friday at 1pm to Tuesday at 9pm when the polls close - to talk to voters and make sure they vote will decide whether the ground operation can beat the Republican money machine.

That means going door-to-door and having conversations with every supportive voter to pull them out to vote on Election Day. We'll remind them about voting over the weekend. And we'll hold visibility events to distribute information to voters in train stops, supermarkets and busy intersections.

Now we need you. There are chances for you to get involved this Friday, over the weekend, Monday and all day Tuesday. Whatever your schedule, there's a way for you to get involved.

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Here are some pictures from earlier in the week of the canvassers heading to the field.





5 days until Election Day!

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