Thursday, February 15, 2007

More on the "Readiness Strategy"

Following up on yesterday's post on Iraq, Rep John Murtha discussed requiring that military units meet formal Army readiness standards of training and equipment before they're deployed to Iraq. Since Bush wants to deploy troops to Iraq without training and body armor, this would counter the proposed escalation.

In today's House debate, Bush's proposal to escalate American involvement in Iraq drew criticism from House Republicans. The most telling comments from the Republican side came from Florida Representative Ric Keller:

"Imagine your next-door neighbor refuses to mow his lawn and the weeds are all the way up to his waist, so you decide you're going to mow his lawn for him every single week . . . The neighbor never says thank you, he hates you and sometimes he takes out a gun and shoots you. Under these circumstances, do you keep mowing his lawn for ever?"

And the U.S. Senate is getting back into the act, announcing that they will start debate this Saturday on the anti-escalation resolution after the House votes this Friday.

Before Friday's House vote, make sure you tell your Representative to keep going until the troops come home.

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1 comment:

Peter H. said...

Steve, I hate to take on the role of cranky lefty, but I think Rep. Rick Keller's comments are "telling" as much as anything for their racism. Great to see Republicans, for whatever reason, criticizing Bush in any way-- but let's not get carried away.

Those ungrateful Iraqis "never said thank-you"? This is up there with Sen. Dick Durbin's comment that "we have already done so much" for the Iraqis. Yeah, thanks a lot for destroying our country.

If you were a political activist or maybe just an intellectual under Saddam, you're probably better off now that he's gone. But for most people, the US invasion has meant less electricity, unemployment, fewer goods & services, fear of bombings and shootings by armed gangs or nervous US soldiers at checkpoints, being afraid to let your kids go to school, more influence of religious fundamentalism, less rights for women......

Bottom line, for most Iraqis, daily life is a lot worse than it was under Saddam Hussein. That's not praise for Hussein, who was one of the most vicious thugs running a government anywhere on the planet. But it's a stark measure of how deep a disaster the US occupation has been.

And yet those ungrateful Iraqi's haven't said "thank you." Guess colored folks never know what's good for 'em.