Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NYU College Republicans to America: We Hate You

Kids will be kids, and College Republicans will be College Republicans. But the "illegal immigrant hunt" that the NYU chapter has planned for tomorrow in Washington Square Park goes about three steps beyond the pale (hat tip to Gothamist).

Cheers to the hundreds of students who plan to protest.

Here's what happened at a similar event at the University of Texas in Austin where protesters far outnumbered the moronic "hunters" from the Young Conservatives of Texas:

The organizers of the "hunt" -- the officers of the NYU CRs -- have been good enough to provide their contact information on the Internet in case anyone wants to express their feelings about Thursday's adventure:
Please feel free to contact any of our officers via email:

President, Sarah L. Chambers,
Vice President, Rakibul Islam,
Secretary, Cait Kannall,
Treasurer, Neal Sangani,
Webmaster, Greg Hammond,
Social Chair, Richard Rossi,
Campaign and Internship Chair, David Laska,


Anonymous said...

Don't you think what the GOPpers want is to provoke an outraged reaction? How is us emailing them to call them bigots going to help the cause?

I think the students protesting is great because it shows immigrants that NYU students do value them as human beings. But emailing the spoiled brat kids who planned this is exactly what they want. Let's not feed in to their persecution complex

Texan said...

The Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of Texas never held a "Capture the Illegal Immigrant" event. This was held at the University of North Texas by the same group.

The counter-protest you reference was a counter-protest of an event that never occurred and never was slated to occur. The event in question was a "Texas Independence Day Celebration", a historical and cultural celebration of the day which Texas declared herself and independent republic in 1836.

Furthermore, illegal immigration and race are only connected by those who wish to stymie debate on an important issue. As someone who supports immigration enforcement, I have worked hand-in-hand with many immigrants from many different countries in the construction and restaurant industries.

All Texans, Honorary Texans and Texas lovers though should remember the Texas Independence is quickly approaching--March 2nd--so get your tacos and Shiner Bock ready!

Will said...

Nice protest idea, good thing it is Saturday. Starting Sunday groups of 50 or more will require a permit to protest like this. What? Huh? Crazy talk? Yep - new police rules going into effect Sunday, no public gatherings of 50 or more without a permit.

Michele said...

Hey, thanks for posting those email addresses - I'm going to go write each one of those College Republicans and let them know that I support their efforts.

If you read the US Code on the subject, illegal immigrants are considered criminals. In the United States, we respect the rule of law and we do not allow lawbreakers to roam free. The NYU CRs are demonstrating the necessity of enforcing the laws we have on the books. Kudos to them.

Jonathan said...

I am curious about the WF party's platform position on immigration policies. All I can gather from these posts is that the WFP is opposed to the outing of illegal aliens. From this should I assume the party wants immunity for all illegal aliens? This seems to be counter the WFP's interests. By allowing unchecked immigration we drive down labor prices for our country's poorest least skilled laborers, making it almost impossible for an uneducated laborer to support a spouse and child. This forces more families to have 2 incomes, resulting in a latch key child with less parenting. I would like the party to push for the creation and enforcement of hiring laws barring employers from hiring undocumented workers. By releasing aggression and anger at illegal aliens we are merely treating the symptoms of our immigration policy rather then the cause. I see two main causes. First, US employers have little incentive to avoid the hiring of undocumented workers so they hire undocumented workers to save money. This provides Mexican natives the incentive to immigrate in the first place. If there are no jobs for undocumented workers, then the flow of undocumented workers will slow down and eventually stop. The second cause of the immigration problem is the Mexican government. Mexico is the richest country in Latin America, but roughly 40% of Mexico's population lives below the poverty line. These poor are given little opportunity by their nation. As a result the US has become a welfare system for the Mexican government. The US pays enough for domestic welfare programs, and we did not need the additional burden of providing a welfare system for a wealthy nation’s ignored poor.

Anonymous said...

who are the jerks that post on this page? texas? go back, bro

michele, will, this is NEW YORK. we happen to believe immigrants are people, its crazy, we know, but see in New York we know that this whole country was built on immigration (mostly illegal, from the pilgrims through the italians and jews) and we have enough memory cells to not turn around on the next immigrant group and "hunt" them.

Will Urquhart said...

My major problem with the immigration debate is the racism. I have watched a fat Italian screaming at a Puerto Rican man just because he held a flag of his home country. When, when on earth would that Italian man yell at someone carrying an Italian flag. Never. I do believe we have a right, a responsibility to enforce immigration laws, but we have an absolute obligation to do it fairly without overtly targetting a race. This debate has become so ridiculous that some argue not to allow babies born to immigrant parents on our soil to be citizens. If you honestly believe that is fair and just, then we might want to take a look at the citizenship status of a lot more people. My father came over on the QEII from England when he was three, am I an illegal?