Thursday, February 08, 2007

NY-SD7 Post-Election Numbers With Maps

Here are maps of turnout percentage (pdf) and Craig Johnson's percentage of the vote (pdf) in the recent State Senate special election on Long Island.

Serious number junkies will want to look at the pdf versions, but the basic breakdown is blue means a high percentage on both maps, green is a medium percentage and yellow is a low percentage.

Turnout first:


And the percentage of the vote that Johnson won:


Here's the SD7 turnout percentage pdf and the SD7 Johnson percentage pdf.

I'm blown away by how many people voted in this race: 50% turnout anywhere in a special election is, frankly, amazing. When you throw in freezing temperatures, wow.

I also want to see the effect of canvassing on turnout and Johnson's vote, but that'll take longer to put together. Still, it looks like Port Washington really came out strong for Craig; our canvassing there got a great reception.

What stands out to you?

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