Sunday, February 04, 2007

NY-SD7: Eliot Spitzer on the campaign trail

Eliot Spitzer hit the campaign trail earlier today with Craig Johnson as part of the "Moving New York Forward – 33 Stops in 33 Hours" barnstorming tour of the Seventh Senate District. Craig is visiting each of the 33 villages in SD7 in the 33 hours leading up to the Feb 6 special election.

Here are some pictures from the campaign trail:



Tomorrow at 12:45 pm, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will join Craig Johnson for a Get Out The Vote rally at the American Legion Hall, 60 Hill Avenue, in Elmont. Monday is the last day of campaigning before the voting starts in the special election for an open New York State Senate seat.

Come out and meet Craig and help the campaign Get Out The Vote!

Can't make it out? Help with a donation.

Here's Craig's Monday schedule and the last 16 stops on the "Moving New York Forward" tour:

1. 6:10-8:25am - Train Station, Port Washington

2. 8:45am - Haven Diner, Port Washington

3. 9:05am - Starbucks, Port Washington

4. 9:25am - Baked to Perfection, Port Washington

5. 9:45am - Northwinds Coffee & Tea Co., Port Washington

*** 6. 12:45 pm - Get-Out-the-Vote Rally with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton - American Legion Hall, 60 Hill Avenue, Elmont, NY. ***

7. 2pm - Stop 20 Diner - Elmont, NY

8. 3:30pm - North Shore Farms, Port Washington, NY

9. 4:05pm - Park Delicatessen, Port Washington, NY

10. 4:45pm -- Door-Knocking, Roslyn, NY

11. 6:00pm - Train Station, Great Neck

12. 7:30 pm - Gino's Pizza, Great Neck, NY

13. 8:15 pm -- Seven Seas Diner, Great Neck, NY

14. 9pm - Starbucks, Manhasset, NY

15. 9:30pm - CVS drugstore, Roslyn Heights, NY

16. 10pm -- Sullivan's Quay, Port Washington, NY

2 days until Election Day!

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