Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Invitation to Mayor Bloomberg

Earlier today Mayor Bloomberg responded to tonight's Rally for NYC Public Schools by announcing a new initiative (the appointment of a new parental engagement staffer, I believe) intended to give parents a say in the process. I don't have any more details because the announcement was made without, um, any public involvement.

Working Families Party Co-Chair Bertha Lewis extended an open invitation to Mayor Bloomberg to start a real dialogue:
"Better late than never. While we applaud the Mayor for realizing - mere hours before a major community meeting on the schools - that something is deeply wrong with the relationship between the Department of Education and parents, it unfortunately is another example of what the system's stakeholders are angry about, which is lack of consultation before new initiatives are announced.

We would encourage the Mayor and the Chancellor to start a real engagement process tonight by coming to St. Vartan's Cathedral at 6:30 and listening to the concerns of parents, teachers, children and others who care deeply about our city's schools."
Will Bloomberg accept? Stay tuned for details.

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Daniel said...

Very funny. It's remarkable how Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein are completely hostile to and shut-off from parents, teachers, principals and children. Their refusal to discuss their plans before they are set in concrete has led them to errratic mismanagement. They announce their decisions as though they'd been handed down from Mt. Sinai, instead of merely copied from their no-bid consultants.

Anonymous said...

guess its hard for Bertha to call this like it really is, a joke - one person to talk with all parents!

maybe she should have done a little less kissing over the Atlantic Yards deal.