Monday, February 05, 2007

Absentee Ballots Give Johnson an Edge

Absentee voting numbers from the Nassau County Board of Elections give Craig Johnson (D-WFP) the edge over his opponent Maureen O'Connell (R-I-C).

These numbers go through Saturday, and are broken down by party registration. Tomorrow is Election Day in the Seventh State Senate district special election on Long Island.
Democratic Party: 699
Republican Party: 646
"Blanks": 177
Independence Party: 18
Conservative Party: 15
Liberal Party: 3
Right to Life Party: 1
The word from the Johnson campaign is that they're "cautiously optimistic" but everyone needs to keep working hard.

This is a fraction of the people who will vote in the election, so even though it's encouraging, it also show how close the race will be. Your involvement will make a difference in who wins, so find a way to help!

Tomorrow is Election Day!

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