Saturday, February 03, 2007

Republicans Threaten Dirty Tricks in SD7

Three days from election day, Maureen O'Connell's campaign is falling apart as Craig Johnson (D-WFP) racks up endorsements and public support in their Long Island race for an open New York State Senate seat.

The Republican response? Threaten dirty tricks. Joe Mondello, the Republican Party chairman for New York State and Nassau County, is already threatening to harass voters going to the polls, claiming that he's scared of "an onslaught of people from New York City being bused here and trying to vote."

Mondello knows that no one is being bused to Long Island to vote; he's looking for an excuse, however flimsy, to justify illegally harassing voters at the polls. Since O'Connell hasn't campaigned in many parts of the district, Republicans can safely assume that anyone turning out to vote in the parts of the district that they've abandoned is voting for Craig.

The Johnson campaign has a legal team in place to deal with Republican voter harassment and is requesting federal election monitors to prevent voter intimidation. But they can't be everywhere at once.

That's why we need you. The WFP canvass has grown to 100 people for the final weekend, and it'll grow again on election day. Supportive unions and local activists are getting involved. But the campaign needs literally 100s of people to turn out for it's Get Out The Vote plan.

There's still time for you to get involved. Sign up today!

You'll be glad you did, because you'll know that you helped win a key State Senate seat in the dead of winter (or what passes for winter these days).

3 days until Election Day!

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