Tuesday, November 14, 2006

144,000 votes and counting

The counting continues, and while the vote won't be certified for weeks, we're up to 144,000 votes on Row E (and rising!) for Eliot Spitzer for Governor.

One WFP supporter working the election day polls in Brooklyn reports -
"WFP got a whopping 41% of Spitzer's vote in the 8 EDs of the 44th AD at my poll site (Camp Friendship). In 2 of those EDs, WFP got more votes for Spitzer than the Dems got."

(An Election District is the smallest voting district in New York.)

Thanks go out to everyone who got out the vote and who voted Row E! We'll have more updates on the vote count in the coming days.

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PCS said...

I was proud to have voted row E rather than Democrat

Anonymous said...

keep us up to date on the conservative and independance line totals too, so we know our standing!

politics64 said...

I voted WFP for Guv as well. I knew the Democrats had Row A locked and I wanted WFP as high up as possible. Please let us know how we have done against the Indy and Cons as well. Row D is a POSSIBILITY!

Steve Perez said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. We spent the day recanvassing the voting machines, I'll post an update soon.

Anonymous said...

I am watching the results for the Walsh - Maffei race. Even though the press had pretty much said Walsh has won. They are still recounting. Maffei has gained 300 votes in the recount. I would really like to see how row E affects this race.

Anonymous said...

tell us the goddamn conservative numbers you bastards!

i cant take the suspense!!!!!

South Bronx Man said...

I voted row E, too.