Friday, November 10, 2006

Row E voters speak

Here's what New Yorkers had to say about voting on Row E:
"If you're in New York, I hope you'll vote on the Working Families Party line - they support the most progressive candidates, and are certainly more in line with my values than the Democratic party is."
"Do vote along the Working Families Party line - it's like making your vote count an extra little bit."
"we can vote for Democrats here, but remind them that our vote is for a more progressive agenda by pulling the levers under the heading for the Working Families Party."
"If you're in New York, where the major races are all a given, consider voting for the Democratic candidate on the Working Families Party line. It still counts for the Democrat, but sends the message that your support for them is based on their support for the WFP platform: funding public education, universal health care, affordable housing and ending the war"
"may we suggest you vote for your candidates on the Working Families Party line, Row E, rather than the usual major party line. The WFP vets all candidates, and endorses those that are most likely to fight for fair housing, employment, healthcare, and schools for everyone"
"Vote on the Working Families Party's Line E to show we want Progressive Change"
"for each Democrat candidate I voted for, my ballot was cast for the Working Families party"
"The WFP endorses candidates who support their platform . . . I for one will continue to vote WFP."
"It was the simplest election ever. I just ran right down the Working Families Party slate, and everyone whom I wanted to vote for was there. What's more, these were all people whom I've supported in the past and have actually thought about."
"Voted straight Working Families Party, pretty much. The WFP is a New York-only third party that wants to swing the Democratic party toward the left on bread-and-butter issues by cross-endorsing candidates."
"New Yorkers: I'm voting for the Democratic ticket on the Working Families line . . . By endorsing the Working Families party I am saying I support a more progressive, antiwar faction of the Democratic side. I am sending a message to Democrats that it's time to stop trying to be like Republicans."
"I did so by voting for candidates nominated by the Working Families Party."
"In New York, we have the luxury of voting for Democrats under the more progressive Working Families Party line."
"If you are in NY the cool thing to do is vote on Row E today! Yes, that is the line of the Working Families Party. You can still vote for good Democrats like Eliot Spitzer and et cetera on Row E as they are the endorsed candidates of the Working Families Party as well. That's the beauty of fusion voting folks."
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