Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote Your Values - Vote Working Families

First, here's who the Working Families Party has endorsed.

Second, here's a collection of blog posts that talk about voting on the Working Families Party ballot line:
"Peter Seeger, Gloria Steinem and others have emialed me about the Working Families Party. Remember VOTE ROW E ON TUESDAY."

"Those of us who would like our vote to push forward a legitimately Progressive agenda are having a hard time expressing ourselves in this election . . . But if we vote Line E instead of the Democratic line, then our numbers can be quantified. That sounds like an outstanding idea to me."

"DragonFlyEye has a good one on finessing your vote to support 3rd parties like Working Families while still voting for your candidate. I've done this for the past few elections, and I recommend it."

"If, like nearly 75% of New Yorkers you plan on voting for Eliot Spitzer on November 7, be sure to vote for him on Row E. Not only does it count towards his totals, but it will send a message that progressive values are New York values."

"So guess who I am voting for governor under the Working Families Party? Ooooh yeah, baby."

"If you live in New York, vote for the Working Families Party for the races in which they've endorsed the Democratic candidate. New York has electoral fusion laws, so a candidate can run on multiple ballot lines, and his/her votes on all lines will be added together. So a vote for the WFP is a way to send a message without doing anything destructive."
And finally, here's a collection of election day messages to listen to as you decide how to vote:
Good luck to all our candidates, a big thank you to all our volunteers, let's win big tomorrow!

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