Thursday, November 02, 2006

El Diario Endorses WFP Again (This Time for Clinton Too)

An editorial in the nation's oldest Spanish-language newspaper today endorsed voting for HillaryRodham Clinton on the Working Families Party (WFP) ballot line. The newspaper, which yesterday endorsed voting for Eliot Spitzer for Governor on the WFP line, is the first major publication to endorse a statewide candidate on the WFP ballot line.

The editorial is available in English here:

The editorial is available in Spanish here:

The English translation of the editorial says:
"Clinton is much more than a simple freshman Senator. She casts a national shadow. And we want to endorse her in a way that not only recognizes the work she has done but also helps her set priorities moving forward. That is why we are endorsing her on the Working Families Party line. A vote on the Working Families Party line is a reminder that the country faces two deeply divisive national issues -- the war in Iraq, and immigration -- and that the lives and livelihood of working men and women across this state hang in the balance."
El Diario La Prensa is the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the US. The paper is the number one Spanish-language newspaper in New York with a daily readership of 265,000 and a circulation of more than 50,000.

Voting on the Working Families Party has also been endorsed by progressive leaders and activists like author/editor Gloria Steinem, filmmaker Michael Moore, actress/education advocate Cynthia Nixon and protest singer Pete Seeger.

The WFP is a coalition of community organizations, unions and grassroots activists whose objective is to forcefully inject the issues that matter most to working families into the public debate.

Party memebrs interview Republicans, Democrats and other candidates and endorse the best candidate for the job, regardless of political party.

This year, the party is emphasizing universal health care, raising the minimum wage, affordable housing, fairer taxes and bringing Americans troops back from Iraq. 168,000 New Yorkers voted for Sen. Charles Schumer on the Working Families Party line in 2004.

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