Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tom Reynolds Isn't Believable

The Congressional race in New York's 24th District has been marred by Ray Meier's negative attacks. While D-WFP Congressional candidate Mike Arcuri has been campaigning to raise the minimum wage and protect Social Security, Meier has been running a smear campaign against Arcuri.

So it's simply not believable for Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, to go on TV and try to feign ignorance for the ads he's running (via Rochester Turning):

REYNOLDS: Here are the facts. They are not disputed by anybody. From the local Utica, New York, newspaper. What the record shows, –

RUSSERT: An aide inadvertently dialed the wrong area code. Everyone admits it. Yet you put an ad on suggesting that this guy is calling sex hotlines. Is that fair?

REYNOLDS: First of all, the chairman of the committee doesn't know what goes on. Second, that ad is now down.

RUSSERT: You said you're responsible. That's what the banner said.

REYNOLDS: I paid for it. The committee paid for it.
So Reynolds admits he paid for the advertising, he takes responsibility in the ad, but still claims he "doesn't know what goes on." It's a familiar refrain for Reynolds, who is trying to explain his role in the Foley cover-up the same way, but it doesn't hold water.

On Tuesday, let's vote these guys out of office.

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