Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kirsten Gillibrand pulls ahead in NY-20

A new Siena poll shows D-WFP Congressional candidate Kirsten Gillibrand has pulled ahead in her race against Rep. Sweeney in NY-20, 46-43%. I remember early in the campaign looking at Sweeney's low re-elect numbers (now down to 37%) and saying that if Gillibrand could increase her name recognition (now up to 73%) she could win. And now, we're days away from winning in NY-20 and in Congressional races across the state.

Let's finish it off - Monday and Tuesday, Get-Out-The-Vote.

More on the NY-20 race: the Times-Union endorses Kirsten Gillibrand for Congress.

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1 comment:

Dave Lucas said...

Funny, how life can turn on a dime!