Thursday, November 16, 2006

Recanvassing the election vote

WFP members and staff have been spending time at polling machine warehouses for the election recanvass. The day's activity brought the WFP up to 146,000 votes for Eliot Spitzer on Row E.

At the end of election day, poll workers count the number of votes in each ED for each candidate on each ballot line. An election district, or ED, is the smallest voting district in the state, and each voting machine covers only one ED. The voting machines are then sealed and those poll worker vote counts become the unofficial returns that are reported on election night.

The voting machines then go back to the warehouse, where the Board of Elections has 15 days to verify the vote counts by recanvassing the machines. The recanvass works like this: each machine gets opened and a Board of Elections worker writes down how many votes each candidate got on each party's ballot line for that ED. If the recanvass counts a different number of votes than the poll workers counted on election night then the number from the recanvass is the official number that gets used.

Basically, you walk down row after row of voting machines and stop at each one to count the number of votes recorded for the election. Here's what you're looking at on each machine:

There's 15 days from election day to finish the recanvass. How long the recanvass takes depends on where you are. The Staten Island recanvass was finished by lunchtime. But in Manhattan, the recanvass started at 10am on Tuesday and at 6pm it was about halfway done. A contested election with representatives from multiple campaigns verifying the recanvass can take even longer.

What comes next? The paper ballots are counted, and after that the election is certified. That's when we'll know our official vote totals.

Check back in the coming days for another update on the vote count.

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Anonymous said...

but where, goddamn you steve, is the number for the conservatives? are we behind, ahead, are they picking up as many as we are?

dont keep me in the dark, steve

Anonymous said...

make sure you figure out how many votes you gave to serph and the other senate republicans. hacks.

Alexander Monticello said...

I'm the first guy. Where are we in relation to the Cons?

Steve Perez said...

It's hard to know where the recanvass and paper ballots put our vote count in relation to the Conservatives, but we're neck-and-neck.

We'll keep posting updates on the blog and email everyone when the count is official.

Anonymous said...

steve, dont bullshit me, you know more than that!

and alexander, you are NOT the first guy, I am. and second anonymous guys, whatever