Monday, November 27, 2006

More on Striking Steelworkers

Goodyear is abandoning America's workers, retirees and communities. Striking Goodyear workers will be protesting at the NASCAR Awards dinner this Friday, December 1st, outside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 301 Park Avenue in New York City from 5 to 7pm. (Goodyear is the sole supplier of tires for NASCAR.)

Back in October, Goodyear forced 15,000 trained and unionized workers on strike so it could replace them with lower-paid scabs. Since 2002, Goodyear has seen a billion dollar turnaround in their bottom line because of concessions union members and retirees made in their 2003 contract. But a billion dollars wasn't enough for Goodyear, where management wants to drive salaries lower and close more plants. Find out more at

If you work or live in Manhattan, please stop by this Friday after work and show your support for striking Goodyear workers. And everyone can help by spreading the word about how untrained workers lead to unsafe Goodyear tires.

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wswalcott said...


If you have ever been on the picket line, standing for your convictions as Goodyear employees of USW - L2 is doing to protect retiree benefits, it has consequences. It is not just the workers who face the many challenges, but their spouses and children suffer, too. If we are true believers in justice we must stand with the American working men and women who fight for fair pay, health insurance, collective bargaining and protection in our retirement years.

Holiday season is upon us and over 450 working men and women at Goodyear in Akron are on the picket line in hopes of keeping what they have earned. A company can be measured by its commitment to the people - its workers. Goodyear has a responsibility, a social responsibility to protecting the people who have helped Goodyear turn around and be profitable once again.

We are asking all religious social concerns organizations, peace and just groups, Democratic Clubs, and all friends and families committed to social justice to stand with the Goodyear employees this Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday Season by collecting non-perishable food items who are receiving no pay while out on the picket line. There are many ways you can help,

Here is an example:

OPAC has coalitioned with the Tallmadge Democratic Club on a service project for the Goodyear families. TDC will be asking all precinct committeepeople throughout Summit County to bring canned goods to the January 16th precinct committee meeting at North High School for the families. This is one small token of appreciation we can show to the Labor movement who, a union worker or not, reap the benefits from organized Labor in fighting for a 40-hour week, health benefits, retirement benefits and a safe work place.

Here is what you can do:

Organize a canned food drive within your church, parish or synagogue for the families
Organize your group around the "Citizens Petition to bring Goodyear to the negotiating table" to bargain in good faith (see home page to access the petition).
If you are a member of a Labor Union and you receive a Turkey or a coupon for a ham every year - why not donate it to the USW on Kelly Avenue in Akron?
Write letters to the editor in support of the working men and women in our community
If you are a Roman Catholic and belong to a social concerns committee at your church, study RERUM NOVARUM ENCYCLICAL OF POPE LEO XIII ON CAPITAL AND LABOR at your church and call your parishioners to action by raising money for the families to assist them in paying their utility bills.
Show solidarity by taking time out of your day to visit the striking workers on the picket line
Have your organization hold a peaceful vigil in front of the Goodyear corporate office in support of the striking members of our community.

These are just a few of the many creative activities you can organize around that may just be instrumental in getting Goodyear management to negotiate in good faith with our fellow community members.

Keep us abreast of what you plan and we will post your activities at this web-site.

Remember, "if you want peace, work for justice"!

Peace and Solidarity

Patrick Carano

zeul said...

Goodyear is one of the candidates in the Jobs with Justice "Grinch of the Year" contest to determine the national figure who has done the most harm to working families this year. You can cast your vote at Please spread the word!

zeul said...

Goodyear is one of the candidates in the Jobs with Justice "Grinch of the Year" contest to determine the national figure who has done the most harm to working families this year. You can cast your vote at Please spread the word!