Monday, November 13, 2006

Westchester's Low Road

In the frenzy of GOTV, we missed the report released by Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano that found (surprise, surprise):
companies beyond Wal-Mart are either not providing their workers with health insurance at all, or are providing insurance that is inadequate or that the employees cannot afford. Therefore, these employees turn to Medicaid to pay for their health care.
Based on the total survey results, the following companies were the ten largest employers of individuals receiving Medicaid benefits (and the number of employees involved):
  • A&P Supermarket (55)
  • Stop & Shop Supermarket (55)
  • McDonald's (48)
  • Mile Square Transportation Inc. (37)
  • Best Care Inc. (36)
  • Shop Rite Supermarket (33)
  • Pathmark (31)
  • Royal Coach Bus Lines Inc. (31)
  • Dunkin' Donuts (29)
  • Personalized Home Care Service (27)
Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, chairman of the Board of Legislators' Budget & Appropriations Committee, said, "The state has got to take a proactive role in identifying those employers who are benefiting at the expense of the taxpayer by not offering health coverage to their employees."

Kaplowitz noted that earlier this year, he authored and passed a resolution urging the state to get involved with requiring companies to pay their fair share, as opposed to having taxpayers foot the bill via Medicaid.

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