Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't Let the Turnstile Hit You on the Way Out

Good news for New York City subway riders from Eliot Spitzer: he doesn't want to see fare hikes anytime soon -
"Fares and toll hikes are a last resort," Spitzer told the Daily News, as he answered a wide-ranging set of mass transit-related questions.
. . .
[Spitzer] also expressed a desire to improve relations with the more than 33,000 bus and subway workers
. . .
Gov. Pataki earlier this year granted MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow a new six-year term, but Spitzer has said he wants to pick his own leader.
Bringing in a competent team to run the MTA and replace MTA Chairman Kalikow would be a big step forward. Kalikow has been pushing for higher fares and cuts in service, and jerking transit workers around by refusing to honor the labor agreement that the MTA's top negotiator agreed to. Gov. Spitzer can restore integrity and competence by shaking up the MTA's management, starting with Kalikow.

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